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Murder at the Narcissus Gardening Club

The Play

Based on her debut fiction novel ‘Murder at the Narcissus Gardening Club’, Kirsten has crafted a play adaptation under the same title. In truth, this work was first concieved as a play before being transformed into fiction.

However, Kirsten’s vision demands to see it come to life on the stage. It’s a deeply intricate and dramatic interweaving of both light and darkness within the characters and storyline.

Murder at the Narcissus Gardening Club – the Play is currently launching into the creative world. We will keep you posted. With multiple awards impending, it is being reviewed by various playhouses.

Can you solve this psychological whodunnit? All the clues are up there, on the stage before you.

Coming Soon…

Tour dates

Coming Soon…

The Creative Team

Kirsten Hunter


Kirsten is a Toowoomba-based author and psychologist, who has written non-fiction, fiction, children’s books, and music theatre.

This play fearlessly delves into Narcissism, examining the intricate personas it spawns, the tumultuous shadows it casts, and the absurd yet humorous patterns it often manifests.

Kirsten crafted MURDER AT THE NARCISSUS GARDENING CLUB, for those who love puzzle mysteries, intelligent crime, intricate characters, and the exploration of personality disorders. Join us for a guilt-free indulgence in this compelling tale!

Kirsten Hunter

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