Margot Gray

Psychological crime series

The Margot Gray series brings a mix of puzzle mystery, crime fiction and psychology. With her usual incorrigible spirit, we follow Margot Gray and her sidekick Tarlington, as she untangles the frayed human pieces of jigsaw puzzle that just don’t fit together.

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A series of 6 books.


Murder at the Narcissus Gardening Club

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The Mystery of Placid House

Release date: August 2024


The San Sebastián Passenger

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Dead letters

Dead Letters

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Ball macabre

Ball Macabre

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About the Illustrator

Zach Lawry is an Australian artist whose work combines screen printed and stencil styling with digital and graphic design influences. He has a passion for colour and is fascinated by the possibilities of appropriation and recontextualization in works, and how images can be used as analogies to help understand complex ideas and topics.

He has exhibited in solo and group shows Australia-wide and internationally, with his most recent work a vehicle to process a culture of consumption. Zach’s personal works play with nostalgia and familiarity associated with this culture, and uses these images to subvert their original meanings and comment on the impact of their influence.

“I enjoy the challenge of taking on commissioned artworks, and seeing ideas from a new perspective.”
“It takes me out of my comfort zone and forces me to actively consider all the decisions I am making and to question where they are coming from. I use my creative works to explore ideas and gain deeper insights into my own perspectives. It is a way for me to create metaphors and analogies that help me better understand and process the world around me.”


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