14 Top tips for your Motorhome Family Holiday

This is all about family time; what I treasure most in the world. Our family of seven – our five boys (8, 10,17, 19 & 22 years old), husband Jon, and I went on a 10-day motorhome holiday around Tasmania. Super special and just a bit crazy! We needed a second little car and a 3-second pull-up tent to fit us all in.

Here are some tips that I wish I knew BEFORE our trip. Hope they help you out!

14 Top tips for your Motorhome Family Holiday

  1. *** Take paranoid photos and video footage of every inch of the motorhome (inside & out) before you drive out of the depot. You’ll be so excited at the beginning of your trip so you will miss things, and this covers you for if there’s pre-existing damage (so it can’t be pinned on you). This saved us!

  2. Pack steak knives – 1 per person. The knives provided in the motorhome were painful to cook or to cut ingredients with. This is a must – makes or breaks mealtime.

  3. Believe street signs more than google maps. We accidentally discovered the treacherous backroad up Mt Wellington much to our horror.

  4. Take lots of $1 and $2 for campsite amenities.

  5. Work hard to not overbuy groceries due to fear of being stranded without food. There’s not much storage room and food gets wasted. Plan meals tightly.

  6. Pack only super soft bags that can be easily stowed away. There is not enough storage space for empty bulky bags.

  7. Plan your itinerary then stay flexible to choose on the day. Distances are different than you can plan for, and you need to go with everyone’s mood.

  8. Give everyone set up and pack up jobs, day one will be a chaotic circus, but you’ll soon get the hang of things, it will soon be a smooth operation.

  9. You’ll need to get a taxi to/from the airport to the motorhome depot – factor this into your scheduling.

  10. Card games were awesome – we discovered Card Monopoly and Black Jack…

  11. Embrace the opportunity for group time and lots of 1:1 time.

  12. Parking is a work of art, a two person job for sure. Communicate heaps!

  13. Driving will become comfortable for you. Just get behind the wheel and you’ll be a pro in no time!

  14. Things will go right, and things will go wrong. Roll with it, have a laugh, it’s part of the experience.

Have an amazing time. We will always remember our trip. The motorhome had so many perks. A home on wheels!


Dr Kirsten Hunter

Dr Kirsten Hunter is a Clinical Psychologist of 22 years. She works with children, teenagers, adults and couples.

Kirsten has written 6 DIY psychology books (Signposts for Living) and 4 Child Psychology picture books (SQUISH Series).

Kirsten is the mother to 5 beautiful boys. Alongside her husband Jon, she loves scuba diving and getting lost in nature.

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