What is Psychology really about?

You either expand or contract; psychology is about expanding. When people live well, they have a buoyancy to their presence. When we are weighed down by our mind being cruel to us, when we have harmful relationships around us, or have had historical events that have harmed us, then we can really be held back in our enjoyment of life. In fact, life can feel like we are wading through wet cement.

We don’t even need to look to outside influences to be brought down in our mood, most of the bullying that we experience comes from ourselves, what we tell ourselves, our negative self-talk. Psychology is about increasing our self-awareness and our skillset to deal with all of these problem areas.

We can be either expanding or contracting. Expansion involves understanding, awareness, connectedness and love. Contraction involves ignorance, fear, avoidance and hatred. If we are not moving forward in life, we are moving backwards. To be healthy and resilient, life needs to expand. Open-mindedness is the key to expansion.

If you do not expand your life, and you just stay with the familiar, you run the risk of deadening your spirit. Psychology often involves simple truths about being a healthy human. The stakes are high; if you don’t learn to live well, you risk losing the chance to have a life worth living. To be happy we must learn and grow. Psychology teaches us how.

Wish you well, take care.


Dr Kirsten Hunter

Dr Kirsten Hunter is a Clinical Psychologist of 22 years. She works with children, teenagers, adults and couples.

Kirsten has written 6 DIY psychology books (Signposts for Living) and 4 Child Psychology picture books (SQUISH Series).

Kirsten is the mother to 5 beautiful boys. Alongside her husband Jon, she loves scuba diving and getting lost in nature.

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